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IREX Co., established in the late 90’s, with its sole vision of improving the quality of living by creating a new concept of providing services that shall exceed your expectations. Our unique distinction is to be a market pioneer, providing and introducing new solutions for luxurious interior aspects.

As THE exclusive representative of the world’s top manufacturers and suppliers of high-end brands in IRAN, we provide the market with a wide range of variety in terms of concepts and materials, which covers residential and commercial projects from classic to minimalistic designs with a unique selection of wall coverings, floorings, furniture, lighting and accessories. In addition to supplying, we provide the market with customized solutions and alternatives in accordance with the client’s needs to their final satisfaction.

By identifying IRAN’s market needs and demands, IREX Co. provides the most suitable and well- designed materials, also having a team of well-qualified and experienced group of young, talented, energetic, and passionate people, give us the luxury of being one of IRAN’s most reliable supplier.

We define our service qualities based on international standards, which allow us to take care of our clients and their projects in the most professional way. Furniture

The art of combining multi-style furniture designs, allows you to furnish your space, using a variety of concepts and designs, ultimately, resulting in a harmonized atmosphere.

IREX Co. provides a wide range of variety in furniture and accessories, including limited editions, masterpieces from classic to minimalistic designs on a selective basis by world’s top designers.

Lajevardi Foundation

Lajevardi Foundation, is a non-profit organization based in Tehran that alongside of its rich collection of Iranian artists, practices various cultural projects. These projects include but not limited to art exhibitions, book publishing, art residencies and etc. In the recent years, Lajevardi Foundation has organized several shows from European artists in Tehran and tries to be a cultural bridge between the Western world and IRAN.


We Felt there was something missing between artists and art lovers in IRAN ,and it led to the idea of creating a link between them through ZEEEN ,a place for unique artwork that are also practical in everyday life.

IRAN is our home And our home could be IRAN as well! This is why ZEEEN Looks all over IRAN to Delicately collect pieces of art, and considering their beauty and applicability ,turn these unique works into lovely and useful objects for the pleasure everyday life.

Our style is a collection of our choices and our choices represent our personality and emotions.

ZEEEN Knows all about artists, styles and tastes, seeks for it, and makes it reality available to art lovers, thus bridging the gap between artists and their audience.