Charsou Bazar

Bonsar Architects

Architect: Mohammad Majidi

Location: Hafez & Jomhouri junction, Tehran-Iran

Design Date: 2012

Gross floor frea: 67150 m2

Site area: 5574 m2

“This writing is a borrow from the journalist who wrote this for MANZEL Magazine, this magazine`s audience is mainly the public.”

The 67 thousand square meter so called CHARSOU Bazar was the new hope for the 10000 daily visitors of this district. A district that chaos was its first impression to every single one of those visitors whom would have traveled from hours to days from all over the country to get to this business hub. A destination which has been the heart of domestic and foreign investors for decades in Tehran. From the small businesses that would have been a life saver with a rental desk at the stuffy old bazar to the monstrous media enterprise branch owners. In a setting where pollution of all sorts and burdens for having to look for a parking spot would have taken hours of precious time of many visitors CHARSOU the bright 14 story bazar with its authentically inspired facades will instantly hit you. Beginning to notice the differences, the suitably wide sidewalks and then it comes it`s airy spacious entrance. where you two meet where it will introduce itself with those sculptural yellow antique phones hung above you. So you know where you are. Not being sure if I had enough of what the exterior has to offer I walk in. the gentle contrast of this very today architecture yet sewn to its origin with its surroundings makes you want to explore more about this new kid on the block. What strikes you the moment you walk in is the smooth transition from outside in. as if you are not disconnected to the outside but the frenzy is all of a sudden disciplined. Scales and dimensions and the very essence of this architecture will generate an urban picture an urban feeling that fits perfect. The gigantic skylight 7 levels higher the extremely wide opening in the middle that lets the light in the shimmering effect reflecting on the surfaces triggers my unconscious so I know the daytime the weather. This sensation in me to grasp for my phone and start snapping moments was with me from the beginning. To capture these sequences, the attractive array of the escalators forming a gradual geometry, the fully painted in sharp colors hallways, the signage and so on. But once you get online you start experiencing something oddly new here which is this concurrent interaction of people on social media. While I was there I found myself on this nifty game like hunt for images and frames. Having a glance at posts and #CHARSOU #CHARSOUBAZAR was very inspiring. People were in a way very thorough with their exploring at CHARSOU you would find photos from the well picked pendants in the food court to the graphics in the subterranean parking. it was as if you have eyes on the ground as if you have live feed from there just like what reporters do it then made me want to take part in this. So here I am strolling at this Bazar thinking about how this architecture rejuvenated our historical district by bringing life excitements urbanites back.