Bidabad House

Logical Process in Architectural Design

Architects in charge: Elham Geramizadeh, Ehsan Hosseini

Location: Bidabad, Isfahan, Iran

Date: 2009 - 2010

Site area: 75 sqm

Built area: 288 sqm

Structure: Houshang Ashrafi

Construction: Abbas Ghafourian

Photographer: Farshid Nasrabadi

The house is located in a unique site: an ancient district in the heart of city Esfahan (IRAN) surrounded by houses has been built 40 to 300 years ago and according to the municipality laws whole 100% of the 75sqm land should be occupied.

The owner was a low-income family including retired parents, 30-years old son and 35-years old daughter (both not married) living together, based on this, the house is considered in four floors :the basement and ground floor for the old parents, the first floor for the son, and the second floor which belongs to the daughter.

Considering the family economic level , materials with cheapest prices have been chosen and the cost of construction has been estimated to be about 100$ per sqm , while a normal house construction in IRAN costs about 130$ per sq meter. The result is 288 sqm in four levels as a family complex.

In addition due to the request of the client all four floors should work as a single unit house as well as three independent units, therefore the connecting stairway has been designed as a neighborhood space so that it became a shared space and an obstacle between in and out as well.

Furthermore it surrounds the inner part such as a thermal and noise filter decreasing energy dissipation. We call this obstacle space, the same as in ancient houses in these districts, vestibule ("DALAN"), a foyer increasing introspection and privacy.

For the reason that the house doesn't have any green spaces and yards, the unusable areas below and above the stairway have designed -like central yards- as a medium to extend the light and sky view inside.

It has been tried to shape the elevations with indicating " DALAN " and small yards to create a modern skin compatible with the ancient context and in harmony with the alley façade.

Izadikhah family ( father and mother , recently married son and single 35-years old daughter ) are living in the house , all together as a big family , having their private units.

They have their privacy and silent living areas in a very small house that faces to the alley in two sides. The “ DALAN” is a real neighborhood space for them , as well as protect the house from the outside noise and west sun.

The project presents a new solution for designing in ancient districts.

It prepares the privacy which is incumbent in our culture, specially among the people of these districts.

Although the building is introverted ,the windows faces the mentioned green spaces , which doesn’t reduce the useful areas.

It communicates with the old skin of alley, however it has a modern appearance.